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Hear from our CEO Jill Peterson about why we decided to rebrand.

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Empowering you with financial knowledge for a brighter future.

EdiFi Credit Union provides consultative, affordable financial services to consumers and small businesses who are:

  • Seeking to build a better future for themselves and their families or
  • Stuck in the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck or
  • Simply looking for the luxury of a personalized banking experience

We're devoting time and resources to empower you with the financial knowledge needed to build generational security.

Why bank with EdiFi?

A young woman scrolls the EdiFi Credit Union website at her desk.A young woman scrolls the EdiFi Credit Union website at her desk.
Mortgage loans
Graduate from renter to homeowner.

Enjoy a wide range of great mortgage programs, competitive rates, and excellent service. We offer a variety of home loan options to fit your unique financial needs and goals.

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Credit cards
Earn points with every purchase.

Empower yourself with options when you choose a Rewards Visa® Credit Card from EdiFi. With our uChoose Rewards program, you can earn rewards for things you want and need like restaurants, prescriptions, and streaming services!

Woman makes a purchase by tapping her credit card at a store.

Ready to upgrade your finances?