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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows you to replace the paper checks you receive from your employer or other source with an electronic payment deposited directly into your EdiFi account. You’ll still receive a statement showing your net deposit and how much was withheld for taxes, company savings plans, or anything else from your employer.

  • No delays on deposits - your funds are deposited on time, every time
  • No worrying about stolen or misplaced checks
  • No lost potential dividend earnings; start growing interest the minute your pay is deposited into an interest-bearing account
  • No more forfeited lunches or after-work hours waiting in line to deposit a paycheck

Simply fill out our payroll deduction form, return it to us, and we'll mail it to your employer. All you need is your EdiFi account number and EdiFi’s ABA/Routing Number (231278274), or contact your Human Resources department and request Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit of your check will usually start within 14 days.

Money Orders

Secure your payments with ease. Purchase a money order for a guaranteed and traceable form of payment. Whether you're sending rent, paying bills, or making a purchase, a money order offers peace of mind by providing a secure alternative to cash or personal checks. With a money order, your transaction is protected and efficient, making it the smart choice for your financial needs.

  • Security: Avoid the risks of carrying large sums of money 
  • Efficiency: No more waiting for checks to clear
  • Low Cost: $2.00
  • Easy Access: Available for purchase at all EdiFi locations

Notary Services

Need to have document signatures witnessed and signed by a notary public? Unlike many places, notary services are available for FREE at EdiFi.

  • Simply bring the document to one of our offices and bring at least one form of picture ID with you. 
  • If you have multiple documents and/or require additional notary services, please call ahead so we can schedule a time that is convenient for both you and our notary public.

Wire Transfers

Utilize domestic wire transfers for instant movement of funds within the U.S. Whether it's urgent bill payments, business transactions, or sending money to family, wire transfers ensure swift delivery directly to the recipient's account. Say goodbye to waiting days for checks to clear or concerns about cash safety.

  • Wire transfers available Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  
  • Call the Contact Center at 609-877-1911 to complete your transfer. You will need the name and routing number of the financial institution as well as the account number.
  • Domestic wire fee: $25.00

Please Note: You will need to have a Wire Transfer Agreement on file for us to complete the transaction over the phone (often this is filled out when you open your account). Also, transfers over $2,500.00 will require you to come into the branch and provide a signature.

Night Deposits

Secure, convenient, and accessible – our night depository offers hassle-free, after-hours banking. Safely deposit cash, checks, or documents at your convenience, even when the credit union is closed.

EdiFi offers night depositories at the following branches:

  • Willingboro
  • Atlantic City
  • Browns Mills 

Deposits or payments are processed the next regular business day.


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Money orders, notary services, and wire transfsers are only available to members in good standing.