Racheal Weathers the Storm

Racheal Weathers the Storm
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Racheal Weathers the Storm

Meet Racheal.

She is a true role model when it comes to financial resiliency. Her reality was many people’s worst nightmare: $124,000 of credit card debt following her divorce. Racheal worked with GreenPath to pay off what she owed, enduring Hurrican Ida and a pandemic along the way.

As she made progress toward being debt-free, she set aside funds to buy a home for her and her son. Today, she is putting her son through college and has created a structure to pay off her mortgage in seven years! In her professional life, she works for one of GreenPath’s credit union partners, empowering members to tackle their financial challenges even when the odds feel insurmountable.

Key Moments

3:00 Racheal reflects on her lack of experience with money growing up.

5:20 She details how her house remodel and eventual divorce led to accumulating credit card debt.

7:54 Contemplating how to handle her debt, she decides to contact GreenPath.

10:43 Racheal recounts the relief she felt when the Debt Management Program brought much-needed financial structure.

13:59 She shares the experience of working three jobs to stay on track.

15:43 Racheal celebrates a major milestone: paying off her debt ahead of schedule.

17:02 She continues to work her extra jobs to aggressively pay off her mortgage.

25:06 By sharing her personal experiences, she inspires a colleague to improve their financial situation.

30:06 She discusses purchasing a car and home early in her debt repayment journey.

36:33 Racheal gets out of her comfort zone by sharing her story.

42:47 Our co-hosts reflect on Racheal’s story and offer related financial tips.