The Road to Home: Jasmine Paul’s Inspiring Resilience

The Road to Home: Jasmine Paul’s Inspiring Resilience
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The Road to Home: Jasmine Paul’s Inspiring Resilience

Today’s episode features Jasmine Paul, award-winning children’s book author, certified financial education instructor, and speaker focused on making wealth fun.

After finding herself homeless for a brief period during college, Jasmine resolved to turn her financial life around. Learning through books and conversations during her career in the Airforce, she achieved the remarkable milestone of becoming a homeowner by 23.

But she didn’t keep her newfound knowledge to herself. She took her friends on her journey, volunteering to be their financial coach and mentor. Her passion soon evolved into a profession. Jasmine is a storyteller at heart, and we hope her personal journey offers tips you can apply to your own life.

Learn more about her mission and work at The Wealth Playground.

Key Moments

4:07 Jasmine recounts the experience of living in her car and couch surfing while struggling financially in college.

7:55 She pours herself into books and conversations during her time in the Airforce to improve her financial life.

10:50 She applies the structure of her role in the military to her own financial goals.

12:49 Jasmine pays off tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt and establishes an emergency fund by eliminating distractions.

17:00 She starts a side business providing financial coaching to her friends.

19:18 Jasmine explains how she discovered GreenPath as a resource for her clients.

21:00 Her program pivots to focus on supporting the financial health of children.

23:46 She describes her children’s book series and programs to bring fun and engaging experiences to youth programs.

24:48 She shares tips for children when it comes to money including the importance of collaboration and asking for help.

27:58 Jasmine talks about breaking the silence for adults who are trying to inspire and educate their children.

31:48 She recounts the story of how her money ghosted her in Casper, Wyoming.

38:48 She stresses the importance of knowing your numbers, setting clear goals, and having grace for yourself.

45:22 Our co-hosts reflect on the practical tips embedded in Jasmine’s story.