ABCO FCU is Now EdiFi Credit Union

After nearly a year of hard work, we're proud to bring you a new name and brand identity that speaks to who we are and who we want to be.

ABCO FCU is Now EdiFi Credit Union

ABCO Federal Credit Union has officially rebranded.

ABCO Federal Credit Union has officially rebranded and launched our new name and brand...EdiFi Credit Union. In order to thrive and compete in today's financial landscape, we needed a brand identity that connects with our original story but also sets us apart. We’re different! And we’re proud of that difference. We aren’t just another place to deposit your paycheck or get a car loan.

We're proud to bring you after nearly a year of hard work, a new name and brand identity that speaks to who we are and who we want to be. During this process, we connected with the word “edify,” which means “to enlighten or to provide instruction.” That’s who we aspire to be for you – a financial institution that empowers you with the financial knowledge needed to build generational security.

Edify: to enlighten or to provide instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions about our rebrand: 


Why are you changing your name?

Our credit union was originally founded to serve educators in Burlington County, NJ. Since then, we’ve evolved and grown to serve a diverse field of membership across South Jersey that encompasses school systems, healthcare providers, a variety of companies and whole communities. It’s time for a new name that recognizes our roots, while offering a more relevant and exciting brand to both our existing and potential members. We wanted to have a name that is inspirational and that reflects the strong values of our credit union. This more powerful identity will help us to appeal to a broader audience and enable us to grow and compete in an increasingly competitive financial landscape.

Is the change due to a merger?

No, our brand update is not the result of any merger or acquisition of ABCO Federal Credit Union

When will the name change go into effect?

Today, July 1, 2024.

Will EdiFi continue to be a federally chartered credit union?

Yes. While we are not required to include the word "Federal" in our name for marketing and advertising, EdiFi will continue to operate as a federally charted credit union.

Are any employees losing their jobs due to the rebranding?

No, the name change will not affect the employment of our team.

Who can become a member now?

Our membership eligibility has not changed. Please visit the membership eligibility portion of our website for more details.

Accounts & Products

Will my account number change?

No. Your account number will not change.

Can I still use my ABCO debit card, credit card, and checks?

Yes, your cards and checks will work, regardless of the institution name and logo on the card. Your card number and PIN will not change. All newly issued and reissued cards and checks will feature the new brand.

How will I need to properly endorse a check for Mobile Deposit after July 1st?

Checks will need to be endorsed with Signature and include "For Mobile Deposit Only EdiFi Credit Union" and your member number.

Will Direct Deposit/ACH/Payroll Deductions/Bill Pay be affected?

No, these transactions will be processed without interruption. You don’t need to contact your employer or others who deposit or withdraw funds from your accounts. If you send payments to the credit union electronically, we suggest that you update the payee information to reflect our new name, EdiFi Credit Union, when possible; if, however, you forget to update our payee information, your payment to us will still be processed.

Will my online banking username/password change? What about telephone banking?

No, your username and password for online and mobile banking will not change. You will notice the look and feel of the online and mobile banking platforms will change to reflect our new name and brand colors. You will also be able to access our automated phone banking system at the same number and with the same login information.

Will your products change?

We will continue to offer the same great core products and services and introduce new products and services that will reflect our exciting new brand.

Will my interest rates change?

No, all loan and deposit terms, including interest rates and maturity dates remain unchanged.

Branches & Contact Info

Will my routing number change?

No. Our routing number will stay the same: 231278274. However, you may still notice that number associated with ABCO Federal Credit Union even after our name change is official. This is normal, and in time, our new name will be correctly reflected on financial transaction records.

Will the credit union contact information change?

All credit union phone numbers will stay the same. Our new email address will now have the domain However, emails addressed to inboxes will continue to work.

Will branch locations change?

No, all branches will remain open to serve you. Signage will be changed to reflect our new name, EdiFi Credit Union.

Will I need to order new checks?

No, since your account number is staying the same, your current checks will continue to work without interruption. When you order new checks, our new name and logo will be added.

Will the website change?

Yes, we will update our website to reflect our updated brand, making it easier for you to locate your favorite tools, including online banking, financial calculators, applications and more! Our new website URL is We will also forward the current website URL to the new site once the transition is complete.